Made for life's little moments.

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If you believe that the simple moments in life should be celebrated,
then Millars Landing will feel like home!

Located in North Baldivis, Millars Landing is a place where kids will be able to walk safely to school, where the park benches will have coffee holders, and blocks can be big enough for a swimming pool or trampoline.

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With blocks up to 423m2, there is something for everyone at Millars Landing. Build your dream home close to parks and playgrounds.

House & Land selling from $358,400*

We’ve joined with Perth’s finest builders to put together a range of house and land packages to suite every lifestyle.

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We've partnered up with WA's best builders to display their latest designs. Visit the 13 new display homes at Millars Landing in Baldivis.

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Made from a moment in time.

When living at Millars Landing, you will share a proud connection to the rich heritage of Baldivis.

Millars Landing sits just South of the old Rockingham-Jarrahdale train line, which was constructed in 1871 and owned by Millars Timbers and Trading Co. from 1912 to 1973. The line connected the Jarrahdale timber mills, also owned by Millars, with the Rockingham port, where the timber was shipped all over the world, including London, Glasgow and Paris where it was used as street paving blocks.

The tramway Reserve that runs along the entire estate, was created in the early 1920’s as the backbone of a temporary rail network built to enable the development of the Peel Estate by transporting harvested local timbers for use in furniture, building and railway construction out of the region; and the transport of construction and farming materials into the region. The Tramway Reserve stretches from Jandakot in the north (City of Cockburn) and to Karnup in the south (City of Rockingham), providing access to the Group Settlements Scheme Land. Although the Tramway Reserve was created, the rail line itself was never constructed in Baldivis. - Reference City of Rockingham  Baldivis Tramway Master Plan

This is the perfect place to build your dreams.