Take a moment to imagine living here.

Think about what makes you happy. It’s often the small moments that bring us the most joy. Like watching our kids squeal with delight as they run through sprinklers. Or laughing with a friend so hard that you snort.

Millars Landing will be a place where kids will have room to explore their adventurous side in the many future parks in the estate. It will also be a place where the park benches have coffee holders for those many catch ups with friends and family. And it is definitely a place where blocks may be large enough to build a cubby out the back.

Located in North Baldivis, Millars Landing is very well connected. You’ll be walking distance to the future primary school within the estate, central to two town centres, and right near the train station and freeway.

This great location makes Baldivis one of the fastest growing regions in Western Australia and the perfect place to call home.

Millars Landing will be the perfect place to create those magical memories that make life special.