A town of three neighbourly precincts.

Millars Landing is one of the biggest estates in Baldivis with a future school, district oval and plenty of parks and playgrounds. As a 1,500 block estate, Millars Landing has been planned as three precincts that join together to make a warm neighbourly atmosphere.
The first release is in Parkway Precinct at the entry of the estate.

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Millars Landing has 3 precincts that are small neighbourhoods within the estate called Parkway, The Grounds and Tramway.

As you make your way into Millars Landing along the main boulevard, you'll enter the precinct of Parkway. The Steamrail Adventure Playground is a nature-based playground for kids to explore and make friends with their neighbours. And if that's not enough, there is a large park for those family picnics near the restored wetlands. Parkway Precinct will have a variety of size blocks to suit your family needs.

This precinct at Millars Landing is perfect if you think it’s essential to be central to all the activities in the neighbourhood. The Grounds is in the middle of the estate, right alongside the future primary school and district playing field. If you’re looking to build a family home where kids can walk to school just up the road, then The Grounds is the place to be.

A winding pathway of lush green trees marks the beginning of the historic 1920s tramway reserve that was planned to transport milled timber from the area to Rockingham and Fremantle for the Millars Timber & Co Trading Company. Although the tramway was never built, this is the perfect place to build your dreams. Millars Landing takes its name from this historic site that starts at Tramway Precinct.