Celebrate the little moments with plenty of places to play.

Millars Landing was created for growing families, with lots of playgrounds, parks and activities for kids of all ages nearby or right on your doorstep.

Our new Steamrail Adventure Playground is now open at Millars Landing!

Come and be transported back to the days of steam trains and water towers while paying homage to the estate’s rich association with trains and timber milling at the new steam train and water tower themed playground.


  • 2 flying foxes
  • 12-metre slide
  • Swings
  • Climb-on steam train structure
  • Picnic facilities
  • Kickabout turf areas
  • Robust timber furniture
  • Railway sleepers and steel



Find the Bruno Booth Totems Artwork
Come and check out this amazing park, and while you’re here, try and find the totems around the park. The totem artwork was produced by emerging artists Bruno Booth and Betty Richards. Bruno and Betty delved into the history of the area and worked with soon-to-be residents to explore their vision for the community, coming up with three sets of totems which represent the past, present and future of Millars Landing.

Burial of Resident Time Capsule
Over the past few months, children from Baldivis Children’s Forest and Baldivis Primary School as well as soon-to-be residents of Millars Landing contributed to a time capsule, which was buried during the opening launch of the park. The time capsule captures today’s dreams and will be opened by future Millars Landing residents.

Millars Landing History
The new Steamrail Adventure Playground celebrates the rail heritage of the estate which was named after the Millars Timber and Trading Co. The company owned and operated the old Jarrahdale to Rockingham train line (which ran along the northern border of what is now Millars Landing estate) from the early 1900s to 1973. The railway line was used to transport timber from their mills in Jarrahdale to the Rockingham port. The timber was then shipped all over the world, including London, Glasgow and Paris where it was used as street paving blocks!

There are also plenty of other parks to explore. Here are some just to name a few…

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A chance to play is never far away!
Oh, and there’s plenty of places for mums and dads to run, walk or ride, plus lots of parks where pets can stretch their legs as well.